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OSRAM - HBO, XBO, HXP-R, Infrared and UV lamps
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OSRAM_Display_Optic_Lamps 1.8 Mb
OSRAM_Medical_Lamps 704 kb
OSRAM_Cross_Ref 47 kb
OSRAM_Sylvania 4.7 Mb
OSRAM Display_Optic 2007 4 Mb
OSRAM 2.1 Mb
OSRAM_Airfield_lamps 496 kb
OSRAM-P-VIP 796 kb
Osram_Halotherm_lamps   450 kb
HBO lamps
Osram HBO 50 W/3 DC - 131.- EUR/pc
Osram HBO 50 W/AC 39V L1 - 94.- EUR/pc
Osram HBO 50 W/AC 34V L2 - 90.- EUR/pc
Osram HBO 100 W/2 DC - 90.- EUR/pc
Osram HBO 103 W/2 DC - 93.- EUR/pc

Osram HBO 200 W 49-57V L2
Osram HBO 200 W 57-65V L1
Osram HBO 200 W/2 49V L2
Osram HBO 200 W/2 57V L1
Osram HBO 200 W/4 Suprasil - 139.00 EUR/pc
Osram HBO 200 W/DC 57V
Osram HBO 200 W/DN-I
Osram HBO 201 W/HS-D2
Osram HBO 202 W/4 Suprasil
Osram HBO 250 W/BY
Osram HBO 250 W/D
Osram HBO 250 W/HS - 695.00 EUR/pc
Osram HBO 350 W
Osram HBO 350 W/P
Osram HBO 350 W/S
Osram HBO 450 W/GS
Osram HBO 500 W/2 69V L2
Osram HBO 500 W/2 77V L1
Osram HBO 500 W/A
Osram HBO 500 W/B
Osram HBO 510 W/FU flash UV
Osram HBO 1000 W/NL
Osram HBO 1000 W/NEL
Osram HBO 1000 W/CEL : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 1000 W/CL
Osram HBO 1000 W/D
Osram HBO 1000 W/G
Osram HBO 1001 W/BP : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 1002 W/CEL : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 1002 W/CL : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 1002 W/NL
Osram HBO 1002 W/NEL
Osram HBO 1002 W/NIL
Osram HBO 1003 W/PI
Osram HBO 1003 W/PIL
Osram HBO 1500 W/CIEL : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 1500 W/CIL : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 1500 W/PI
Osram HBO 1500 W/PIL
Osram HBO 1500 W/PIL HP
Osram HBO 2000 W/NIL
Osram HBO 2001 W/CIEL : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 2001 W/CIELX : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 2001 W/CIL : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 2001 W/NIEL
Osram HBO 2001 W/NIL
Osram HBO 2002 W/MA
Osram HBO 2002 W/MAL
Osram HBO 2002 W/NIL
Osram HBO 2011 W/NIL
Osram HBO 2011 W/NILH
Osram HBO 2500 W/PIL
Osram HBO 2501 W/NIL
Osram HBO 2510 W/NIL
Osram HBO 2510 W/NILH
Osram HBO 2700 W/CIL : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 3500 W/HK
Osram HBO 3500 W/MR
Osram HBO 3500 W/NIL
Osram HBO 3500 W/PI
Osram HBO 3500 W/PIL SHP
Osram HBO 3501 W/PI
Osram HBO 3501 W/PIL
Osram HBO 4001 W/PL (HP)
Osram HBO 4300 W/N
Osram HBO 4301 W/N
Osram HBO 4500 W/CIL : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 5000 W/C : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 5000 W/CS : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 5000 W/HK
Osram HBO 5000 W/MF
Osram HBO 5000 W/MFN
Osram HBO 5000 W/S
Osram HBO 5000 W/TA
Osram HBO 5001 W/F
Osram HBO 5001 W/NIL
Osram HBO 5001 W/UF
Osram HBO 5500 W/PI
Osram HBO 5510 W/PIH
Osram HBO 8000 W/C : n/a , OEM
Osram HBO 16001 W/DE

Osram HMD 6600W

Halogen Lamps - 64xxx series
Osram 64222 10W 6V PG22
Osram 64223 10W 6V G4
Osram 64225 ESA 10W 6V G4 - 1.20 EUR/pc
Osram 64250 ESB 20W 6V G4 - 1.20 EUR/pc
Osram 64251 20W 6V PG22
Osram 64255 20W 8V G4
Osram 64258 20W 12V G4
Osram 64260 30W 12V PG22
Osram 64261 30W 12V G6.35
Osram 64275 35W 6V G4
Osram 64291 XIR 40W 22.8V G6.35 - 16.48 EUR/pc
Osram 64292 XIR 150W 22.8V G6.35 - 21.60 EUR/pc
Osram 64311 36W 6A G6.35
Osram 64315 45W 6.6A R7S-15
Osram 64317 45W 6.6A PK30D
Osram 64318 45W 6.6A PKX30D
Osram 64318 Z 45W 6.6A
Osram 64319 45W 6.6A
Osram 64319 Z 45W 6.6A
Osram 64320 45W 6.6A GZ9.5 EXM
Osram 64321 45W 6.6A
Osram 64328 HLX Z 65W 6.6A
Osram 64333 B AX 40W 6.6A
Osram 64333C AX 40W 6.6A
Osram 64337A48-15 AX 48W 6.6A
Osram 64337B45-15B AX 45W 6.6A
Osram 64337C48-15 AX 48W 6.6A
Osram 64339-C AX 105W 6.6A
Osram 64340 100W 6.6A
Osram 64341 HLX Z 100W 6.6A
Osram 64342 HLX A 100W
Osram 64346 100W 6.6A
Osram 64361 HLX 150W 6.6A
Osram 64380 200W 6.6A
Osram 64382 HLX 200W 6.6A
Osram 64386 200W 6.6A
Osram 64501 AX 150W 120V
Osram 64502 AX 150W 230V
Osram 64505 200W 230V
Osram 64512 FNS 300W 120V
Osram 64513 300W 120V
Osram 64514 300W 120V
Osram 64515 300W 230V
Osram 64516 CP/97 300W 230V
Osram 64535 650W 120V
Osram 64540 BVM 650W 230V - 5.20 EUR/pc
Osram 64553 650W 230V
Osram 64570 800W 230V
Osram 64571 DXX 800W 240V - 4.90 EUR/pc
Osram 64573 1000W 120V
Osram 64575 1000W 230V
Osram 64576 P2/17 1000W 230V
Osram 64579 FDG 1000W 120V
Osram 64580 1000W 230V
Osram 64583 1000W 230V
Osram 64600 35W 6V G4
Osram 64602 50W 12V G6.35
Osram 64605 50W 8V GZ4
Osram 64607 EFM 50W 8V GZ6.35
Osram 64608 50W 13.8V GX5.3 EPZ
Osram 64609 HLX 50W 12V PG22
Osram 64610 HLX BRL 50W 12V G6.35
Osram 64611 HLX 50W 12V G6.35
Osram 64613 75W 12V G5.3
Osram 64614 75W 12V G5.3
Osram 64615 HLX 75W 12V GZ6.35 EFN
Osram 64617 75W 12V G5.3-4.8 - 8.20 EUR/pc
Osram 64618 85W 13.8V GX5.3  DED
Osram 64619 90W 14.8V GX5.3  EPX
Osram 64621 HLX 100W 12V PG22
Osram 64623 HLX EVA 100W 12V GY6.35
Osram 64624 100W 12V G5.3
Osram 64625 HLX 100W 12V GY6.35 FCR
Osram 64626 HLX EHE 100W 12V PG22
Osram 64627 HLX EFP 100W 12V GZ6.35
Osram 64628 FDT 100W 12V GY9.5
Osram 64629 100W 12V GZ6.35
Osram 64633 HLX 150W 15V G6.35  BRJ - 1.65 EUR/pc
Osram 64634 HLX EFR 150W 15V GZ6.35 - 3.80 EUR/pc
Osram 64635 HLX 150W 15V GZ6.35 - 25.80 EUR/pc
Osram 64635 HLX 150W 15V GZ6.35
Osram 64637 100W 12V GZ6.35
Osram 64638 HLX 100W 24V G6.35
Osram 64640 HLX FCS 150W 24V G6.35 - 0.97 EUR/pc
Osram 64641 150W 24V G6.35
Osram 64642 HLX FDV 150W 24V G6.35 - 2.20 EUR/pc
Osram 64643 FDS 150W 24V GY9.5
Osram 64646 80W 15V G6.35
Osram 64647 120W 24V G6.35
Osram 64648 200W 230V G6.35
Osram 64650 50W 22.8V G6.35 - 6.86 EUR/pc
Osram 64653 HLX ELC 250W 24V GX5.3 - 4.95 EUR/pc
Osram 64654 HLX 250W 24V GY9.5
Osram 64655 HLX EHJ 250W 24V G6.35 - 0.97 EUR/pc
Osram 64656 HLX FNT 275W 24V G6.35
Osram 64657 HLX EVC 250W 24V G6.35
Osram 64658 85W 13.8V w/cable GED
Osram 64661 300W 230V G6.35
Osram 64662 300W 230V GY9.5 M38
Osram 64663 400W 36V G6.35
Osram 64664 HLX 400W 36V G6.35
Osram 64665 HLX 400W 36V LL G6.35
Osram 64668 XIR 80W 22.8V G6.35 - 17.25 EUR/pc
Osram 64669 HLX 590W 50V GY9.5
Osram 64670 T/25 500W 230V GY9.5
Osram 64672 M/40 500W 230V GY9.5
Osram 64673 CP/81 300W 230V GY9.5
Osram 64680 500W 230V GY9.5
Osram 64686 DYR 650W 230V GY9.5
Osram 64686 DYR 650W 240V GY9.5
Osram 64716 GKV 600W 230V G9.5
Osram 64717 CP89 650W 230V GY9.5
Osram 64718 T/27 650W 230V GY9.5
Osram 64719 T/12 650W 230V GX9.5
Osram 64720 CP/23 650W 230V GX9.5
Osram 64721 CP/39 650W 230V
Osram 64722 T/13 650W 230V P28S FKM
Osram 64737/3 NSP CP/60 1000W 230V
Osram 64737/4 NSP 1000W 240V GX16D
Osram 64738/4 SP CP/61 1000W 240V
Osram 64739/4 FL CP/62 1000W 240V
Osram 64741 P2/7 1000W 240V R7S-15
Osram 64743 FEL 1000W 120V G9.5
Osram 64744 T/19 1000W 230V GX9.5
Osram 64745 CP/70 1000W 230V GX9.5
Osram 64746 T/20 1000W 230V P28S
Osram 64747 CP/71 1000W 230V
Osram 64751 P2/12 1250W 230V R7S-15
Osram 64752 T/29 1200W 230V GX9.5
Osram 64754 CP/90 1200W 230V GX9.5
Osram 64756 CP/93 1200W 230V
Osram 64773 T8Q FRN 2000W 120V G9.5
Osram 64777 CP/92 2000W 230V G22
Osram 64781 FEX 2000W 230V RX7S-21
Osram 64787 CP/75 2000W 230V G22
Osram 64788 CP/72 2000W 230V GY16
Osram 64789 CP/73 2000W 230V G38
Osram 64796 CP/91 2500W 230V G22
Osram 64800 5000W 230V K24S
Osram 64805 CP/85 5000W 230V G38
Osram 64815 CP/83 10000W 230V G38
Osram 64818 CP/99 20000W 230V 54694

Tungsten Halogen Lamps - 93xxx
Osram 93505 EVW 250W 82V GY5.3
Osram 93506 ENH 250W 120VGY5.3
Osram 93510 EXY 250W 82V GX5.3
Osram 93513 EXW 300W 82V GX5.3
Osram 93515 EXR 300W 82V GX5.3
Osram 93518 ELH 300W 120VGY5.3
Osram 93520 FHS 300W 82V GX5.3
Osram 93525 ENX 360W 82V GY5.3
Osram 93526 FXL 410W 82V GY5.3
Osram 93591 FSY 400W 240V GY9.5 - 11.25 EUR/pc
Osram 93592 FSX 400W 230V GY9.5
Osram 93631 DNF 150W 21V GX7.9
Osram 93637 EJV 150W 21V GX5.3
Osram 93638 EKE 150W 21V GX5.3
Osram 93653 ELC/3 250W 24V GX5.3
Osram 93728 575W 230V
Osram 93729 750W 230V MD2P
Osram 93733 BVA 900W 120V GY9.5
Osram 93734 FEP 1000W 240V G9.5
XBO-R xenon short arc lamp with reflector
Osram XBO R 100W/45  - 298.- EUR/pc
Osram XBO R 100W/45C - 299.- EUR/pc
Osram XBO R 101W/45C - 360.- EUR/pc
Osram XBO R 180W/45  - 318.- EUR/pc
Osram XBO R 180W/45C - 319.- EUR/pc
Osram XBO R 181W/45C - 319.- EUR/pc
Osram XBO R 300W/60C  - 418.- EUR/pc
HXP-R long-life mercury short arc lamp
Osram HXP R 120W/17C - 492.- EUR/pc
Osram HXP R 120W/45C UV - 369.- EUR/pc
Osram HXP R 120W/45C VIS - 369.- EUR/pc
Osram HXP R 200W/45M VIS/UV - 412.- EUR/pc
Osram HXP R 206/45C - 445.- EUR/pc
HBO-R mercury short arc lamp
Osram HBO-R 103W/45 - 294.00 EUR/pc
Osram SUPRABLACK L 18W/73 - 8.95 EUR/pc
Osram SUPRABLACK L 36W/73 - 12.70 EUR/pc
HNS Germicidal UV-C 253,7nm
Osram HNS S 5W G23 - 5.10 EUR/pc
Osram HNS S 7W G23 - 5.45 EUR/pc
Osram HNS S 9W G23 - 6.15 EUR/pc
Osram HNS S 11W G23 - 7.10 EUR/pc
Osram HNS S 13W GX23 - 7.10 EUR/pc
Osram HNS S/E 7W 2G7 - 5.90 EUR/pc
Osram HNS S/E 9W 2G7 - 6.30 EUR/pc
Osram HNS S/E 11W 2G7 - 7.30 EUR/pc
Osram HNS L 18W 2G11 - 10.00 EUR/pc
Osram HNS L 24W 2G11 - 11.85 EUR/pc
Osram HNS L 36W 2G11 - 13.95 EUR/pc
Osram HNS L 55W 2G11 - 16.30 EUR/pc
Osram HNS L 60W 2G11 - 19.40 EUR/pc
Osram HNS L 95W 2G11 - 28.95 EUR/pc
Osram HNS 4W G5 - 3.30 EUR/pc
Osram HNS 6W G5 - 3.80 EUR/pc
Osram HNS 8W G5 - 4.50 EUR/pc
Osram HNS 11W G5 - 5.80 EUR/pc
Osram HNS 16W G5 - 6.65 EUR/pc
Osram HNS 15W G13 - 6.20 EUR/pc
Osram HNS 25W G13 - 9.50 EUR/pc
Osram HNS 30W G13 - 11.50 EUR/pc
Osram HNS 36W G13 - 13.00 EUR/pc
Osram HNS 55W G13 - 12.70 EUR/pc
Osram ITT 200/235-0170  185.7mm R7s
Osram ITT 350/235-0170  185.7mm R7s - 12.43 EUR/pc
Osram ITT 500/235-0170  250.7mm R7s
Osram ITT 500/235-0170 K 214.0mm R7s
Osram ITT 700/235-0170 K 250.7mm R7s
Osram ITT 1000/235-0170 327.4mm R7s
Osram ITT 1000/235-01X0 365.0mm X metal lug
Osram ITT 1200/235-0170 327.4mm R7s
Osram ITT 2000/235-0103 K 345.0mm Cable
Osram ITT 2000/235-01Y0 K 365.0mm Y
Osram ITT 2200/235-0102 345.0mm Cable
Osram ITT 3000/235-01Y0 K 365.0mm Y
Osram ITT 3000/235-01Y0 Z/K 365.0mm Y/Z
INFRARED HALOTHERM white reflector heater lamp
Osram ITT 500/235-0870 250.7mm R7s
Osram ITT 500/235-08X0 238.0mm X
Osram ITT 1000/235-08X0 365.0mm X
Osram ITT 1000/235-0826S 351.0mm K9x15/21
Osram ITT 1200/235-0826 222.0mm K9x15/21
Osram ITT 1600/235-0826 222.0mm K9x15/21
Osram ITT 2000/235-0826 K/S 351.0mm K9x15/21
Osram ITP 2500/235-0826 K/S 351.0mm K9x15/21
Osram ITT 2500/400-0826 K 351.0mm K9x15/21
Osram ITT 3000/400-0826 K 351.0mm K9x15/21
Osram ITT 3000/235-08Y0 Z/K 365.0mm Y/Z
Osram HALOTHERM VITAL 350/235-0621
Osram HALOTHERM VITAL 500/235-0621
Osram HALOTHERM VITAL 750/235-0621
Osram HALOTHERM VITAL 350/120-0621
Osram RubyStar 1000/235-0023 351.0mm K9x15/21
Osram RubyStar 1200/235-0028/PH 351.0mm K9x15/21
Osram RubyStar 1300/235-0070 250.7mm R7s
Osram RubyStar 1500/235-0023 351.0mm K9x15/21
Osram RubyStar 2000/235-0023 351.0mm K9x15/21
Osram WhiteStar 1000/235-0623 351mm K9x15/21
Osram WhiteStar 1500/235-0623 351mm K9x15/21
Osram WhiteStar 2000/235-0623 351mm K9x15/21

SUPRATEC UV High Pressure - double ended
Osram HAT 150-221 R7s-24
Osram HTT 150-211 R7s - 43.55 EUR/pc
Osram HTT 150-211 X515 - n/a
Osram HTT 150-211L Litze
Osram HTT 400-221 Litze
Osram HTC 400-221 R7s
Osram HTC 400-241 R7s
Osram HTC 600-221 KU10s
Osram HTC 1000-221 KY10s
Osram HTC 1000-241 KY10s
Osram HTC 2000-327 KX10s
Osram HTC 2000-347 KX10s
Osram HTC 2000-349 KX10s

SUPRATEC UV High Pressure - single ended
Osram HSC 400-221 GY9,5
Osram HSC 500-221 GY9.5
Osram HSC 1000-221 GYX9.5

Dulux-S / Dulux-L
UV-A blacklight
Osram DULUX S BL UVA 7W/78 G23
Osram DULUX S BL UVA 9W/78 G23
Osram DULUX S BL UVA 11W/78 G23
Osram DULUX L BL UVA 18W/78 2G11
Osram DULUX S BLUE 9W/71 G23
Osram DULUX L BLUE 18W/71 2G11 - 7.90 EUR/pc

Ultra-Vitalux 300W 230V E27

XERADEX xenon excimer VUV - vacuum ultraviolet radiation
Osram DBD-20
Osram XERADEX 20W/120
Osram XERADEX 20W/175
Osram XERADEX 20W/175-S45/95
Osram XERADEX 50W/375
Osram XERADEX 100W/620

XBO lamps : 75W - 900W
Osram XBO 75W/2 OFR - 152 eur/pc
Osram XBO 75W/2 - 126 eur/pc
Osram XBO 100W OFR
Osram XBO 150W/1 - 187 eur/pc
Osram XBO 150W/1 OFR
Osram XBO 150W/4 Suprasil - 249  eur/pc
Osram XBO 150W/S
Osram XBO 150W/CR OFR
Osram XBO 250W OFR
Osram XBO 250W/4 Suprasil deep UV
Osram XBO 450W
Osram XBO 450W OFR
Osram XBO 450W/1
Osram XBO 450W/2 OFR
Osram XBO 450W/4 Suprasil - 410 eur/pc
Osram XBO 500W/H OFR
Osram XBO 500W/RC OFR
Osram XBO 550W/HTC
Osram XBO 700W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 700W/HSC OFR
Osram XBO 900W OFR
Osram XBO lamps : 1000W - 2900W
Osram XBO 1000W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 1000W/HSC OFR
Osram XBO 1000W/HSS OFR
Osram XBO 1000W/HTP OFR
Osram XBO 1600W OFR
Osram XBO 1600W/CA OFR
Osram XBO 1600W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 1600W/HSC OFR
Osram XBO 2000W/H OFR
Osram XBO 2000W/HCC OFR
Osram XBO 2000W/HP OFR
Osram XBO 2000W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 2000W/HTP OFR
Osram XBO 2000W/HTT OFR
Osram XBO 2000W/SHSC OFR
Osram XBO 2001W/HTP OFR
Osram XBO 2200W/HP OFR - 980.00 EUR/pc
Osram XBO 2500W OFR
Osram XBO 2500W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 2500W/HTP OFR
Osram XBO 2900W/HP OFR
Osram XBO lamps : 3 kW - 10 kW
Osram XBO 3000W/DHS OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/DHP OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/DTP OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/H OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/H CL OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/H XL OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/HP2 OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/HP3 OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/HPS OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/HS CL OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/HSLA OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/HS XL OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/HTC OFR
Osram XBO 3000W/HTP OFR
Osram XBO 3600W/HTC OFR
Osram XBO 3600W/HTM OFR
Osram XBO 4000W
Osram XBO 4000W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 4000W/HSA OFR
Osram XBO 4000W/HTP OFR
Osram XBO 4200W/CA OFR
Osram XBO 4200W/GS OFR
Osram XBO 4500W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 4500W/HSLA OFR
Osram XBO 4500W/HTP OFR
Osram XBO 5000W/H OFR
Osram XBO 5000W/HBM OFR
Osram XBO 5000W/HTP OFR
Osram XBO 6000W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 6000W/HSLA OFR
Osram XBO 6000W/HP OFR
Osram XBO 6000W/HTP OFR
Osram XBO 6500W
Osram XBO 7000W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 7000W/HSH OFR
Osram XBO 8000W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 10000W/HS OFR
Osram XBO 12000W OFR

Osram Na/10 1.0A - 177.00 euro/pc n/a
Osram NA/10F/L 0.45A PICO PA83977
Osram HG/100 0.6-1A PICO SPEKTRAL

Lamps for Scientific Purposes
Osram WI 17/G 16A E27
Osram WI 40/G 6A E27
Osram WI 41/G 6A E27

Non-Halogen Low Voltage Lamps
Osram 8013 10W 6V BA15D
Osram 8014 10W 6V BA15S
Osram 8017 15W 6V B15D
Osram 8018 15W 6V B15D
Osram 8022 50W 12V BA20D
Osram 8024 40W 12V BA20D
Osram 8025 5A 6V BA20D
Osram 8029 60W 15V BA20D
Osram 8100 5A 6V E14

VIP-R metal halide lamps
Osram VIP R 120/P16
Osram VIP R 120/P12G
Osram VIP R 150/P16
Osram VIP R 150/P22
Osram VIP R 180/16 170W
Osram VIP R 200/33 200W
Osram VIP R 273/45 270W

P-VIP video projection lamps
Osram P-VIP 100-120/1.0 E22H 120W
Osram P-VIP 100-120/1.0 E23H 120W
Osram P-VIP 100-120/1.0 P22H 120W
Osram P-VIP 120-132/1.0 P22H
Osram P-VIP 150/1.3 E21.5
Osram P-VIP 180/1.0 E20
Osram P-VIP 200/1.0 E19
Osram P-VIP 200/1.0 P21.5