PHILIPS TUV germicidal UV-C lamps 253.7 nm
            TUV : TL mini/T5
Philips TUV 4W G5
Philips TUV 6W G5
Philips TUV 6W E27 - n/a
Philips TUV 6W 4P SE
Philips TUV 8W G5
Philips TUV 11W G5
Philips TUV 11W 4P SE 241mm
Philips TUV 16W 4P SE 317mm
Philips TUV 16W
Philips TUV 25W 4P SE
Philips TUV 36 T5 4P SE
Philips TUV 36 T5 HO 4P SE
Philips TUV 36 T5 SP 842mm
Philips TUV 36 T5 HO SP
Philips TUV 64 T5 4P SE
Philips TUV 64 T5 G5
Philips TUV 64 T5 HO 4P SE
Philips TUV 64 T5 SP 1550mm
            TUV : TL-D / T8
Philips TUV TL-D 10W T8 346mm G13
Philips TUV TL-D 15W T8 G13
Philips TUV 15W T8 Xtra
Philips TUV TL-D 18W T8 G13
Philips TUV TL-D 25W T8 G13
Philips TUV 25W T8 Xtra
Philips TUV TL-D 30W T8 G13
Philips TUV 30W T8 Xtra
Philips TUV TL-D 36W T8 G13
Philips TUV 36W T8 Xtra
Philips TUV TL-D 55W T8 G13 HO
Philips TUV 55W T8 Xtra
Phlips  TUV 60W-95W T8 G13 reprographic
Philips TUV TL-D 75W T8 G13 HO
Philips TUV 75W T8 Xtra
            TUV : TL / T12
Philips TUV TL 115W-R VHO T12 G13 : n/a
Philips TUV TL 115W VHO T12 G13

            TUV PL-L
Philips TUV PL-L 18W/4P
Philips TUV PL-L 35W/4P HO
Philips TUV PL-L 36W/4P
Philips TUV PL-L 55W/4P HF
Philips TUV PL-L 60W/4P HO
Philips TUV PL-L 60W/4P HO Secura
Philips TUV PL-L 95W/4P HO

            TUV PL-S
Philips TUV PL-S lamps UV-C 253.7nm
Philips TUV PL-S 5W/2P
Philips TUV PL-S 9W/2P
Philips TUV PL-S 9W/4P
Philips TUV PL-S 11W/2P

            TUV amalgam
Philips TUV 130W XPT SE
Philips TUV 180W XPT SE
Philips TUV 200W XPT SE
Philips TUV 230W WE XPT SE
Philips TUV 260W XPT DIM
Philips TUV 260W XPT SE
Philips TUV 270W XPT
Philips TUV 325W XPT SE
Philips TUV 325W HO XPT SE
Philips TUV 330W XPT SE
Philips TUV 330W XPT DE
Philips TUV 335W WP XPT SE
Philips TUV 335W XPT SE

(MASTER) Actinic BL /10 lamps
UV-A 350 nm - 400 nm range

Philips Actinic BL TL mini 4W/10
Philips Actinic BL TL 6W/10
Philips Actinic BL TL 8W/10
Philips Actinic BL TL 11W/10
Philips Actinic BL TL mini 15W/10 G5 T16
Philips Actinic BL TL-D 15W/10 G13 T26
Philips Actinic BL TL-D 15W/10 Secura
Philips Actinic BL TL-D 15W/10-R
Philips Actinic BL TL-D 18W/10
Philips Actinic BL TL-D 18W/10 Secura
Philips Actinic BL 20W/10 : n/a
Philips Actinic BL 20W/10 Secura : n/a
Philips Actinic BL TL-E 22W/10 Circular G10q
Philips Actinic BL TL-DK 30W/10
Philips Actinic BL TL-DK 36W/10
Philips Actinic BL TL-DK 36W/10 Secura
Philips Actinic BL TL 40W/10 , 120cm
Philips Actinic BL TL-K 40W/10 , 60cm
Philips Actinic BL TL-K 40W/10 Secura
Philips Actinic BL TL-K 40W/10-R 60cm

Philips Actinic BL PL-S 9W/10/2P
Philips Actinic BL PL-S 9W/10/4P
Philips Actinic BL PL-S 11W/10/2P

Philips Actinic BL PL-L 18W/10/4P 2G11
Philips Actinic BL PL-L 24W/10/4P 2G11
Philips Actinic BL PL-L 36W/10/4P 2G11

Philips TL 60W/10-R
Philips TL 80W/10-R
Philips TL 100W/10-R
Philips TL 140W/10
Philips TL 176D38/10
Philips TL 176D38/10-R

Philips F71T12 TL UVA-1 100W/10-R

Actinic spectrum /05 lamps 365 nm
Philips TL 4W/05 : see Actinic BL 4W/10
Philips TL 6W/05 : see Actinic BL 6W/10
Philips TL 8W/05 : see Actinic BL 8W/10
Philips TL 11W/05 : see Actinic BL 11W/10
Philips TL-D 15W/05 : see Actinic BL 15W/10
Philips TL 20W/05 Secura : see Actinic BL 18W/10 Secura
Philips TL 20W/05 : see Actinic BL 18W/10
Philips TL-DK 30W/05 : see  Actinic BL TL-DK 30W/10
Philips TL 40W/05 : see Actinic BL TL 40W/10 120cm
Philips TL-K 40W/05 Secura : see Actinic BL TL-K 40W/10 Secura
Philips TL-K 40W/05 : see Actinic BL TL-K 40W/10

Super Actinic spectrum /03 lamps 420 nm
Philips TL5 24W/03
Philips TL5 39W/03
Philips TL5 54W/03
Philips TL-D 15W/03
Philips TL-D 18W/03
Philips TL 20W/03 RS
Philips TL 25W/03
Philips TL-DK 30W/03
Philips TL-D 36W/03
Philips TL 38W/03
Philips TL 40W/03 RS
Philips TL-K 40W/03
Philips TL 140W/03
Philips MCFE 20W/03 G13 T38

/52 - 450 nm
Philips PL-S 9W/52/2P
Philips PL-L 18W/52 4P
Philips TL-D 18W/52
Philips TL 20W/52

UV-B narrow band /01 - 312 nm
Philips PL-S 9W/01/2P G23
Philips PL-L 36W/01/4P 2G11
Philips TL 20W/01 RS G13
Philips TL 40W/01 RS G13
Philips TL 100W/01 cap R17d 178cm
Philips TL 120W/01 G13 201cm
Philips TL F72T12 100W/01  cap RDC 178cm

UV-B broadband /12 - 312 nm
Philips PL-S 9W/12/4P 2G7
Philips PL-S 9W/12/2P G23
Philips TL 20W/12 RS
Philips TL 40W/12 RS
Philips TL 100W/12

/08 - BLB Blacklight
Philips PL-S 9W/08/2P
Philips PL-S 9W/08/4P
Philips TL 20W/08
Philips TL 4W/08
Philips TL 6W/08
Philips TL 8W/08
Philips TL-D 15W/08
Philips TL-D 18W/08
Philips TL-D 36W/08

Philips HPA 1000/20 R
Philips HPA 1001R
Philips HPA 1009R
Philips HPA 1200R
Philips HPA 2010R
Philips HPA 800R
Philips HPM 12
Philips HPM 13
Philips HPM 15
Philips HPM 17
Philips HPM 19
Philips HPM 20
Philips HPM 2010
Philips HPM 2018
Philips HPM 25
Philips HPM 3000
Philips HPM 3008
Philips HPM 4010
Philips HPM 4020
Philips HPM 5005

Philips HOK 4/120
Philips HOK 4/120SE
Philips HOK 10/120
Philips HOK 20/100
Philips HOK 20/120
Philips HOK 25/120
Philips HOK 35/120
Philips HOK 35/80
Philips HOK 50/120
Philips HOK 65/80
Philips HOK 65/120
Philips HOK 80/80
Philips HOK 80/120
Philips HOK 105/80
Philips HOK 105/120
Philips HOK 140/80
Philips HOK 140/120
Philips HTK 7/30
Philips HTQ 7
Philips HTQ 14

CLEO Compact
Philips CLEO Compact PL-L 36W/09 2G11
Philips CLEO Compact PL-L 36W/P/09 2G11
Philips CLEO Compact 15W (TL29D16/09N) 288mm
Philips CLEO Compact S 15W-R
Philips CLEO Compact 20W (TL44D25/09N) 438mm
Philips CLEO Compact S 25W (TL25W/09S) 517mm
Philips CLEO Compact S 25W-R

CLEO HPA : MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 10 pcs
CLEO HPA 400 SE 1007501
CLEO HPA 400 S, 118 mm 1007401
CLEO HPA 400/30S 1007301
CLEO HPA 400/30 SL 1007733-00
CLEO HPA 400/30SD 1007201
CLEO HPA 400/30 SDL 1000188-00
CLEO HPA 400/30 SC 1007734-00
CLEO HPA 400/30SDC with cable 1091401
CLEO HPA 250-500 SE FX 1007735-00
CLEO HPA 250-500/30 SD 1073001
CLEO HPA 250-500/30 SD FX 1007736-00
CLEO HPA 610 FX 1007737-00
CLEO HPA 620 FX 1007738-00
CLEO HPA 630 FX 1007739-00
CLEO HPA 640 SE FX 1007740-00
CLEO HPA 700 S FX 1007741-00
CLEO HPA 700/800 FX C 1007742-00
CLEO HPA 1000 SE 1007743-00
CLEO HPA 1000 SE FX 1007744-00
CLEO HPA 1000 FX 1007745-00
CLEO HPA 1000 S 1007746-00
CLEO HPA 1010 SE FX 1007747-00
CLEO HPA 1040 SE FX 1007748-00
CLEO HPA 1200S, 1000/1200 1002301
CLEO HPA 1200 S FX 1007749-00
CLEO HPA 1200 FX 1007750-00
CLEO HPA 1220 FX 1007751-00
CLEO HPA 2000 S 1007752-00
CLEO HPA 2000 S FX 1007753-00
CLEO HPA 2020 S 1007202
CLEO HPA 2020 S FX 1007754-00
CLEO HPA 2040 S FX 1007755-00

HPR, HPW, MLW lamps
Philips HPR 125W E27 CRP/16 : see HP125R E27
Philips HP125R E27
Philips HPW 125W T E27
Philips HPW 125W TS E27
Philips MLW 160W E27

Philips lamps for hardening / curing of dental fillings
Philips 12037 100W G5.3/4.8 12V dental
Philips 13165 35W GZ4 14V
Philips 13294/99 35W GZ4 6V dental
Philips 13298 52W GZ4 10V
Philips 13390 G4 8V 22W dental
Philips 13865 75W G5.3/4.8 12V
Philips 14513 Blue G5.3/4.8 12V 75W dental
Philips 14552 75W GZ4 12V
Philips 14553 52W GZ4 10V
Philips 14647 100W GZ4 13V dental

Philips optical lamps
Philips 12345 20W G4 12V
Philips 12429 50W G6.35 22.8V
Philips 13117 150W GX5.3 17V
Philips 13120C 50W P30s 8V
Philips 13162R 800W 230V R7s
Philips 13163 ELC 35hours 250W GX5.3 24V
Philips 13163 ELC/10H 250W GX5.3 24V
Philips 13163 ELC/5H 250W GX5.3 24V
Philips 13477R 800W 230V R7s
Philips 13528 15W 6V GZ4
Philips 13629 150W GX5.3 21V EKE
Philips 13631 ELC/FA 250W GX5.3 24V
Philips 13704R 1000W R7s 230V
Philips 13824 360W 82V GY5.3
Philips 13830 250W 82V GY5.3
Philips 13906R 600W 120V R7s
Philips 13938 50W 22.8V GX5.3
Philips 13989R 1000W 230V R7s
Philips 14546 20W 12V G4
Philips 14623 95W G6.35 17V
Philips 14623P 95W GZ9.5 17V
Philips 5761 30W 6V G4
Philips 5972 10W 6V G4
Philips 5973 100W 12V GZ9.5
Philips 5974 150W 24V GZ9.5
Philips 6358R 1250W 230V R7s
Philips 6423/5H 150W15V GZ6.35
Philips 6423FO 150W15V GZ6.35
Philips 6550 150W 15V G6.35
Philips 6605 10W 6V G4
Philips 6834/5H 100W GZ6.35 12V
Philips 6834FO 100W GZ6.35 12V
Philips 6839C 100W PG22 12V
Philips 6847FO 50W GZ6.35 8V
Philips 6853FO 75W GZ6.35 12V
Philips 6899 55W G6.35 24V
Philips 6958 250W G6.35 24V
Philips 6983P 1000W G9.5 230V FEP CP77
Philips 6994P 2000W 230V GY16
Philips 7003 150W GX6.35 230V
Philips 7007 575W Heat Sink 230V
Philips 7007/LL 575W Heat Sink 230V
Philips 7008 750W HEAT SINK 230V
Philips 7010 300W GX6.35 120V
Philips 7023 100W GY6.35 12V
Philips 7027 50W G6.35 12V
Philips 7158 150W G6.35 24V
Philips 7158XHP 150W G6.35 24V
Philips 7387 10W G4 6V
Philips 7388 20W G4 6V
Philips 7748S 250W G6.35 24V
Philips 7748XHP 250W G6.35 24V
Philips 7775R/16 625W R7s 240V
Philips 7786R 1000W R7s 230V
Philips 7787 400W G6.35 36V
Philips 7787 LL 400W G6.35 36V
Philips 7787 XHP 400W GY6.35 36V EVD
Philips JCD 650W G6.35 100V
Philips JCD 650W GY9.5 100V
Philips_infrared   5.92 Mb
Actinic_BL_leaflet_2009   1.22 Mb
Philips_Specialty_Lamps   437 kb
Philips_Specialty_Lighting   1.06 Mb
Philips_TUV_HOK_HTQ   96 kb
Philips_UV_tech_brochure   1.71 Mb
Philips_special_fluo_lamps   123 kb
Philips_IRK_Industrial   150 kb
Philips_HeLeN   137 kb
Philips_ClicFit   328 kb
Philips_IR_Cooking   253 kb
Philips_HeLeN_lamps   112 kb
Les_lampes_infrarouges  3.1 Mb
Philips-LTIX-XDC   53 kb
PHILIPS / DrFischer IRK - infrared heater lamps
IRK : 150W - 450W
14516 150W 17V GX5.3 smooth refl.
200T3 Q/CL 220V/240V R7s
13912R 200W 230V 188.6mm
13908R 300W 230V clear
13908Z 300W 230V clear
14181Z 300W 120V SK15 433mm
14169Z 350W 235V 628mm vitae
375T3/7 375W 115/125V TRL
400T3 Q/CL/P 400W 230V R7s
13296C 400W 110V SK11 500mm
13939F-V 400W 110V facetted cooking
13939F-V 400W 230V facetted cooking
13395V 415W 135V clear
13847Z/98 440W 240V reflector
13396V 450W 110V clear
IRK : 500W
13401Z/98 500W 235V reflector
13169R 500W 235V clear
13169X 500W 120V 355mm clear
13169X/98 500W 120V 355mm refl
13169Y 500W 120V
13169Z 500W 220/250V
13169Z/850 500W 235V SK15 Clear Sleeve
13169Z/98 500W 220/250V refl
14142Z 500W 235V 787mm vitae
14157Z 500W 235V 628mm vitae
15011Z 500W 235V 227.5mm
15016Z 500W 235V 355mm
15018U 500W 120V 224mm
15084Z 500W 235V 226mm
500T3 500W 120V 224mm TRL
500T3 Q/CL 220/240V R7s
500T3/7 500W 115/125V TRL
IRK : 600W - 850W
14172Z/98 600W 120V 135mm
13298C 630W 110V SK11 500mm
13271V 645W 220V 240V clear
13790R 650W 220V R7s 551mm clear
13842Z 700W 240V clear
13842Z/98 700W 240V reflector
13610F VBC 750W
13937/99 750W 220V 420mm R7s+lead
14117Z 750W 230V 787mm vitae
14124Z 750W 230V 787mm vitae
14139 750W 120V clear
14155Z 750W 230V 787mm vitae
800T3 800W 115/125V TRL
15032R 800W 235V 256.1mm
13833Z/876 850W 100/120/240V 197mm
IRK : 1000W
1000T3/CL 1000W 230-250V 306mm CL
1000T3 1000W 230-250V 353mm TRL
13195X 1000W 235V 483mm clear
13195X/98 1000W 235V 483mm refl
13195X/98C 1000W 235V reflector
13195Y 1000W 220/250V clear
13195U 1000W 235V 346mm
13195Z/98 1000W 220/250V refl 357.5mm
13207/998 1000W 110V 204mm
13402Z 1000W 235V clear 357.5mm
13713X 1000W 235V clear
13713X/98 1000W 235V
13713Z/98 1000W 235V 357.5mm
13713Z/98L 1000W 235V
13836Z/876 1000W 240V 531mm ruby
13844Z/98 1000W 235V SK15 reflector
13907/99 1000W 220/250V 428mm R7s
14302P 1000W 120V ceramic G9.5 104mm
14187Z/98 1000W 400V 355mm
6990P 1000W 120V metal G9.5 104mm
15007CF 1000W 235V 359mm
15007R 1000W 235V 350mm
15007Z 1000W 235V 355mm
15008X 1000W 235V 370mm
15009CF 1000W 235V 359mm
15009Z 1000W 235V 355mm
15014Z 1000W 240V 531mm
15019U 1000W 235V 346mm
15019Z 1000W 235V 355mm
15024Z 1000W 120V 355mm
15049Z 1000W 120V 355mm
15058Z 1000W 235V 355mm
15070Z 1000W 235V 355mm
15072C 1000W 235V 352mm
15078Z 1000W 235V 355mm
15079Z 1000W 235V 355mm
15081Z 1000W 235V 355mm
15090Z 1000W 235V 355mm
IRK : 1100W - 1700W
13835Z/876 1100W 235V ruby
13837Z/876 1100W 230V 531mm ruby
14105Z/98 1100W 240V Sidel 225mm
15026Z 1100W 230V 532mm
13561Y/00 1200W 144V 221.5mm clear
13561U 1200W 144V 220mm clear
13561Y/98 1200W 144V 221.5mm refl
13561U/98 1200W 144V 220mm refl
13561Z/98 1200W 144V 228.0mm reflector
14134Z/98 1200W 235V 225.0mm
15025R 1200W 120V 254.1mm
15089R 1200W 120V 254mm
13295Z 1300W 235V 2000K clear 787mm
13393Z 1300W 235V 787mm vitae
15028R 1300W 240V 254mm
15085R 1300W 240V 254mm
15094Z 1300W 235V 355mm
13123Z/876 1500W 240V 357.5mm ruby
13250Z/876 1500W 240V 787mm ruby
13834Z/876 1500W 235V ruby
13846Z/876 1500W 200V ruby
14160C/98 1500W 400V reflector
13940Z 1500W 235V 352mm
13941Z 1500W 235V 352mm
15004CF 1500W 235V 359mm
15004Z 1500W 235V 355mm
15010Z 1500W 240V 355mm
15015Z 1500W 120V 355mm
15029R 1500W 120V 350.6mm
15030R 1500W 240V 351mm
15034CF 1500W 235V 359mm
15034Z 1500W 235V 355mm
15042Z 1500W 235V 355mm
15050Z 1500W 235V 355mm
15053C 1500W 235V 352mm
15059Z 1500W 235V 355mm
15067Z 1500W 235V 355mm
15071C 1500W 235V 352mm
15076C 1500W 235V 353mm
15080Z 1500W 235V 355mm
15082Z 1500W 235V 355mm
15091Z 1500W 235V 355mm
15093Z 1500W 120V 355mm
13935R 1530W 230V R7s 447.9mm clear
13252/99 1600W 600V 732mm
14159Z/98 1600W 235V reflector
13568Y/00 1600W 144V 221.5mm clear
13568U 1600W 144V 220mm clear
13568Y/98 1600W 144V 221.5mm refl
13568U/98 1600W 144V 220mm refl
13568Z/98 1600W 144V 228.0mm refl
14135Z/98 1600W 235V 228.0mm refl
1600T3/CL 1600W 240V 503mm clear
1600T3 1600W 277V 503mm TRL
1600T3/7 1600W 230/250V TRL
14119/99 1650W 240V
13386/99 1700W 220V R7s 2800K
IRK : 2000W
13168V 2000W 235V 350mm clear
13168X 2000W 235V clear
13168X/98 2000W 235V refl
13168Z 2000W 235V 357.5mm
13168Z/98 2000W 235V 357.5mm
13213Y 2000W 220/250V clear
13213Z/98F 2000W 220/250V reflector
13214Z/98 2000W 230V 658mm
13245X 2000W 400V 508mm
13245X/98 2000W 400V 508mm
13765X 2000W 400V clear
13765X/98 2000W 400V
13934Z/876L 2000W 240V 357.5mm ruby
13938R 2000W 230V 550.4mm clear
14103Z/98 2000W 235V 357.5mm
14122V 2000W 240V clear
14132Z/98 2000W 235V 787.5mm refl
14136Z/98 2000W 235V 357.5mm
14141X 2000W 400V 483mm
14173Z/98 2000W 400V 355mm
14180Z 2000W 235V SK15 355mm
14188Z/98 2000W 400V 355mm
14189V 2000W 235V 350mm
14193Z/98 2000W 235V 360mm
2000T3/CL 2000W 240V 305mm clear U-base
2MT3/1CL/HT/UB0 2000W 240V clear
15005CF 2000W 235V 359mm
15005Z 2000W 235V 355mm
15013X 2000W 400V 508(625)mm
15021CF 2000W 235V 359mm
15021Z 2000W 235V 355mm
15023Z 2000W 235V 355mm
15033Z 2000W 235V 354mm
15043Z 2000W 235V 354mm
15045Z 2000W 235V 352mm
15051Z 2000W 235V 354mm
15057Z 2000W 235V 354mm
15060Z 2000W 235V 355mm
15066Z 2000W 235V 355mm
15068Z 2000W 235V 355mm
15083Z 2000W 235V 354mm
15092Z 2000W 235V 354mm
IRK : 2500W
13848/99 2500W 600V 1059mm
2500T3/CL 2500W 480V 731mm CL-clear
2500T3 2500W 480V 731mm TRL-translucent
2500T3/7 2500W 480V R7s 726mm TRL
14106Z/98 2500W 400V Sidel 378mm n/a
14120R 2500W 480V R7s 731mm clear
14137Z/98 2500W 235V Krones
14140C/98 2500W 400V refl. R7s+lead 600mm
Philips 14143Z/98 2500W 400V Krones 355mm
14168C 2500W 575V 730mm
14182V 2500W 235V 350mm
14190V 2500W 235V 350mm
14196Z/98 -> 14196Z/83 2500W 400V Sidel ECO
IRK : 3000W
13196V 3000W 400V clear
13215X 3000W 380/420V 915mm clear
13230X 3000W 380/420V 915mm clear
13230X/98 3000W 400V 915mm
13565V 3000W 235V 350mm clear
13565X 3000W 235V clear
14107Z 3000W 230V 787mm
14107Z/98 3000W 230V Sipa 787.5mm
14111Z/98 3000W 400V Sidel 378mm n/a
14121Z/98 3000W 235V 357.5mm SK15 refl
14144Z/98 3000W 400V Krones 355mm
14156C/98 3000W 400V refl. R7s+lead 600mm
14175Z 3000W 400V 355mm
14177C/98 3000W 400V 784mm
14194Z/98 3000W 235V 360mm
14197Z/98 ->14197Z/83 3000W 400V Sidel ECO
15012U 3000W 235V 503mm
15035Z 3000W 235V 532mm
IRK : 3200W - 6850W
3200T3 3200W 277V 1062.0mm TRL
3200T3/CL 3200W 240V  1062.0mm clear U-base
3200T3/CL 3200W 277V  1062.0mm clear U-base
3200T3/CL/UB 3200W 240V 1062.0mm clear
14158/99 3650W 480V 1061.0mm R7s+lead
3800T3 3800W 575V 1062mm U-base TRL translucent
3800T3/CL/5 3800W 575V R7s+lead
3800T3/CL/UB 3800W 575V  U-base CL clear
13136V 4600W 400V 303mm
5000T3/1CL/HT 5000W 600V 731.0mm
13170V 6000W 480V clear
13138V 6000W 480V 303mm
14131V 6000W 480V 350mm
14166V 6000W 480V 350mm
14167V 6000W 480V 303mm
14118V 6850W 480V 303mm
holders, clips, reflectors
IR3 236X98 500W
IR3 366X98 1000W
IRZ 1000
IRZ 500
SK15 clip (6707B)
SK15 holder 6707 (6707A)
7646/00 holder

STELA lamps
17007/99 600W 230V TRL SK9+lead
17008/99 550W 235V REFL
17010Z 1000W 235V TRL
17012X 1500W 235V clear
17014/99 550W 235V TRL SK9
17015/99 600W 235V TRL SK9
17016/99 1000W 235V TRL SK9

CPL - CDM - Ceramic ST
Philips CPL 220 E19.5 IR Spot Curing
Philips CPL 330 Ultra-V Graphics CTcP - n/a
Philips CDM SA/R 150W/942
Philips CDM SA/T 150W/942
Philips Ceramic ST 250W HR System SYS
Philips Ceramic ST 500W HR

Philips MPXL DL35/745 PX32d
Philips MPXL DL35/965 PX32d
Philips MPXL DL50/740 PX32d
Philips MPXL DUV35 P32d 35W
Philips MPXL RP50/740 P32d CI

Philips XOP 15-OF
Philips XOP 25-OF
Philips XOP 7-OF

/01 - Medical phototherapy in dermatology (psoriasis, SUP)
/03 - Super Actinic - emit radiation in the range 380nm - 480nm
with a maximum at 420 nm
/05 - Actinic - emit radiation in the range 300nm - 460nm with a maximum at 365 nm
/10 - Emit long-wave UV-A radiation in the 350nm - 400nm range
/12 - Phototherapy in dermatology, meteorological testing equipment
/52 - Medical treatment of jaundice in new-born babies (hyperbilirubinanemia)

HOK - Long-arc medium-pressure high-power UV-C radiators with double-ended, mercury-filled quartz discharge tubefor curing and disinfection
HTQ - Disinfection ozone-free UV-C
CLEO - Compact 'spaghetti' lamps UV radiation, 300nm - 400nm range
HPA - metal halide UV-A radiators with iron and cobalt additives
HPM - Reprography lamps with lead and gallium additives diazo range
TUV - low-pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps - UV-C radiation at 253.7 nm for germicidal action

InfraRed Industrial Heat
Tubular double-ended infrared halogen
lamp used as high-power and high-efficiency
heat source for various industrial applications
Paint drying in tunnels and body shops
Blowing of PETP bottles
Plastics thermoforming
Softening, melting of plastics
Epitaxy, CVD, RTP, Oxidation processes in semiconductor industry
Heating of food and keeping it warm
Paper drying
Drying of lacquer, printing inks
Pre-heating of wood prior to lacquering
Heat sterilization
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PHILIPS infrared business goes to DrFischer
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